Philosophy – architecture.
Style and Serenity.

Aella Residence, a source of the unique inspiration and dexterity of the architect and the aesthetics of the owner, is a true ornament in the cycladic atmosphere of the cosmopolitan island of Paros. The white colour of its buildings, with their different heights and the smooth curves, is perfectly combined with the wood and the traditional kind of stone that has been used in selected areas.

Aella Residence is beautiful, white, faithful to the cycladic architecture, with a key clue its swimming pool which is surrounded by the rooms and the public areas. The yard around the pool constantly calls you for a drink, a chat, a meeting, a laying on the sun- beds, for relaxation, enjoyment and dreaming.

Aella Residence calls for everybody who wants a destination to be an experience and unforgetable and who is driven by a superior aesthetics. As a source of positive energy, Aella is loved at first sight. From the very first steps into its yard and its central, made of marble, reception, its special guests feel rewarded for their choice.

After  two extended restorations  with an emphasis on the quality of the materials used both in the interior design and in the unique building of the outdoor areas, we are ambitious to be the canvas on which our guests will build their colourful dreams on the island.

In Aella Residence, which is located on a quiet but in the same time central spot of Naoussa, 400m away from the central square and 400m away from the sandy beach of Aghii Anargiri, with traditional houses and gorgeous gardens, the cycladic architecture is combined with modern facilities and an inceassant friendly service for a unique feeling.

Every single area of Aella is of a special personality and aesthetics. It is the place where the style, the feelings and the finesse are met together.


We are ready to welcome you and to offer you our hospitality for unforgetable holidays in the beautiful island of Paros.